Singing is just...singing, right?

Not quite! The voice is just like any other instrument--it takes time, practice, and building of skill to master. The voice is unique compared to other instruments though, in the fact that it changes throughout our lives. This is a huge reason why vocal health is and starting at the right age are very important.

When should I start singing lessons?

This depends on you or your child. If the goal is to sing because it is fun, then it does not hurt to start at an earlier age. The techniques of proper breath support, vowel placement, and vocal health are vital to learn, even at a young age. You may have heard that we do not really know how "talk." This is because of where we place our voices naturally in speech. This happens in singing too, and it can be important to address this early. If the student is pursuing voice lessons with a more serious attitude, then I would recommend the starting age be at least nine years old.

What to expect:

We definitely believe all lessons should be fun! Fun doesn't mean the absence of hard work. Some vocal lessons will consist of sight-singing and ear-training, which is explained more in detail in the vocal health PDF you receive during your first lesson. We focus on increasing the student's range, strengthening it, vocal health and hygiene, and practicing songs that the student is interested in, as well as classical literature. For example, a student could be working on Greensleeves, a traditional folk song with different vowel placement requirements, while also working on pop songs such as "How Far I'll Go" from Moana, "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes, or a Taylor Swift song, etc. 

literature and books

Your vocal instructor may recommend different books depending on the student's individual needs and desires. They may recommend Broadway, Folk, Country, or Classical. If the student is wanting to prepare something for All-Region there are specific books the teacher can recommend. Please communicate with your instructor what your interests are! :)