What is a guitar?

Belonging to the string family, the guitar is an instrument you play by plucking or strumming the strings. You change your hand shape (most often the left hand) and the strings you press on cause different pitches to sound. This is how we get different chords. The original shape of the guitar was a bit different and it was first made in fifteenth century! This instrument has been used for a long time in aristocratic courts, traveling groups, and performances, and is now one of the most popular instruments to learn along with the piano and ukulele. 

Different types of guitar and recommended ages

There are a few different types of guitar, and each come with different age recommendations. Let's view them here!

Acoustic Guitar 

Acoustic guitars have metal/steel strings and are usually a bit more difficult to play at first due to the pressure required to produce a clear sound. Most acoustic guitarists focus on learning chords, power chords, and strumming patterns. Recommended age: 10
*Note: If you are getting a guitar for a child as young as ten years old it should be noted that you will want to look at three-quarter size guitars. Visit your local Guitar Center or music store and they will be able to help you find a fit!

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar is very popular among teens and young adults. It is most frequently used in rock music, but it has been used in blues, country, and even contemporary! The strings are lighter and easier to press down; with this comes the ability to slide, understand the fret board quickly, read tabs, and learn foot pedals for different sounds.  Electric guitars require an amp to be heard. Recommended age: 8
*Note: While it would make sense to pursue electric guitar because of the easier accessibility, it is also a good idea to approach acoustic guitar first. This is because the student's callouses will develop and hold up better if they start with the instrument that has the thicker strings first.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is a really fun instrument to play. Bass guitars are known for "bass walk downs" and was used to create the iconic "Seven Nation Army" sound. You can also hear bass guitar very prevalent in Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy." Bass guitars have thicker strings and require an amp to be heard. Recommended age: 8
*Note: Bass guitars have much thicker strings and a different methodology to strumming. Though their strings are thicker, they are not harder to press down than the acoustic guitar strings. 

What to expect:

Typically, the instructor will encourage you to read sheet music, tabs, and be able to play chords. This is because we want the student to be well-rounded and have the most freedom, being able to play all sorts of music! Similar to voice lessons, the book recommendations will depend on the student's goals.