Composition & Songwriting

What is composition?

Composition is the act of notating music. That is, composing, i.e. "writing out" notes on sheet music (or putting them into a computer). Writing down notes means to notate, and composing is putting these notes in certain arrangements to form a melody or harmony.

How is it different than songwriting?

Composition is different in that it usually involves instrumental music. Songwriting is what you get when you combine an instrument with lyrics and focus on chords and simple melodies, rather than complex harmonies and sheet music. Think of songwriting as what you hear on pop radio, while composition is what you would hear in a performance hall. 

What to expect:

Much like any other instrument, composition and songwriting are for students of various ages. Whether you're just starting out and what to see what you can compose or you have been composing for a bit and want to improve your skill, we have lessons for you. There are several genres of music and the style you write for is no exception! Our instructors can help you write or compose classical, country, pop, and other various styles.